The audio version of the book is something special.
If you have listened to me or seen my videos, you know that I am more expressive with my voice than often comes across on the page.

This is very true with this project. I wanted this to be amazing! I sat myself in the quietest room I could find (which happened to be our closet) for some 10 hours. I hired a professional editor. The result? Well- have a listen!

However – just reading the book wasn’t enough. I wanted to add additional notes and features.

The audio version contains a ‘deleted scene’ – the original introduction that was removed from the book that I’ve kind of regretted not including. It takes you further into my early history and life and I’m happy to share it!
The audio also includes some of my side notes – extras about certain passages that I felt could use a little more background or clarification.

The audio version includes all the bonuses included in the print version!


Here’s some good news! You can get the Audiobook on Audible for FREE! Click a link below and either sign up for a new account, or use a credit to buy the book… then start listening!

If you do not live in a country that has Audible, I’ve got you covered! Just click the ‘Buy Direct’ below and you’ll be taken to my page on the Soundwise app. There you can rent or buy direct from me. Easy!