By D.J. Eshelman

Just Do THIS

A Simpler Way to Succeed in I.T.

Pulling from over 20 years of experience, D.J. introduces the riskLESS I.T. Services Methodology and guides you step by step how ANYONE can be successful in I.T.

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Meet the Author

D.J. Eshelman

Drawing from over 20 years of I.T. and Consulting experience, D.J. teaches people in I.T. how to go be truly successful and gain the income and respect that they deserve.

D.J. is the founder of the new THRIVE-IT community, a site dedicated to equipping and inspiring People in I.T. from living a life of boredom to a life of passion.

D.J. is a Life and Career Success Coach who believes we should all strive to Leave the World Better Than We Found It. He coaches groups and individuals (in and outside of the technology world) to get past the barriers in their lives and live the life they feel most called to live.

He can be heard on the Better Than You Found It Podcast and the new YouTube Live series THRIVEcast with Jeff Pitsch.

D.J. lives in Franklin, TN with his beautiful and talented wife Yvette.

You can follow him on Twitter for technical talk @TheCitrixCoach or his personal handle @djeshelman

Other Books

Just Do This

We’re putting it here twice just in case you missed it the first time

Be A Citrix Hero

D.J.’s first book, a smash hit that teaches people the simple yet effective six key areas (Leading Practices) to go from frustrated admin to Hero!

Byte-sized Book cover

Project Byte-Sized

D.J. was among many EUC experts to contribute multiple quick ‘bite sized’ tips and advice for this collaboration!


It is not your KNOWLEDGE that makes you successful, but your METHODS

– D.J. Eshelman

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The Thrive-IT Community

So you’ve realized after reading the book that your career has some real possibilities… now what? You’ll soon be able to join a community guided by D.J. and other I.T. Veterans to explore how you can go from surviving to THRIVING in Information Technology!

Doors will be opening soon!

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In this snippet of Just Do THIS, D.J. describes what a Methodology must contain to be successful and how a team with a good methodology is the team that will win – even with so called ‘experts’ on the other team.

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Enjoy this snippit from the introduction of “Just Do This” where I describe why I developed this methodology and wrote the book.